Shopping Guide


1. Proceed to the SHOP page to browse products.

2. You can also use the SEARCH bar to search for products you want.

3. Click on the product you want to buy.

4. You can now view the product you want.

5. Increase/decrease the number of product with the arrow buttons.

6. Click on the  ADD TO CART to add a product to cart.

7. Click on VIEW CART to view a products in your cart.

8. Click on UPDATE CART to add more products to your cart.

9. Click on APPLY COUPON if you have a coupon code.

10. PROCEED TO CHECKOUT when you are okay with the products in your cart.

11. You are now in the CHECKOUT page.

12. Fill in the required details and select the convenient means of payment e.g Debit/Credit Cards. We will use Debit/Credit Cards for this guide.

13. Agree to the terms and conditions and click PLACE ORDER.

14. Click on PAY NOW to proceed with payment. Take note of your order number.

15. Select PAY WITH BANK or PAY WITH CARD option.

16. To pay with card, enter your card no, “valid thru” and CVV and proceed. Enter your card PIN, then phone number which you used to register your bank account. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to you to complete the transaction. Enter the OTP and click on AUTHORIZE and complete your transaction.

17. To PAY WITH BANK, choose your Bank. Enter your NUBAN (Account Number). Click PAY WITH BANK ACCOUNT. Enter the OTP sent to you and Click COMPLETE REGISTRATION to complete the transaction. Enter the 4-digit code sent to you to connect to your Bank and finish the transaction.

18. You will receive a confirmation SMS and email when the transaction is successful. Your order will be delivered to your Billing address in less than 5 working days.